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With the goal of raising and re-educating leaders in politics, business, education, and pastoral & Christian ministry, Global Leadership Institute/Forum conducts qualitative/quantitative research and develops exemplary leadership cases in the field of leadership. The Institute provides relevant leadership training programs and educates people to be able to possess effective leadership to maintain true value and efficient leadership outcomes.

The two following areas listed below:
- Public administration: The Institute aims to conduct research on public administration innovation to advance government administration, government organizations and its function, the human resources system, and the construction of a system on government cooperation and communication
- Public finance, budget, and international development cooperation: The Institute also provides research opportunities to individuals to study on public finance, budget, regulatory reform, and management

The four following areas listed below:
- Education: The Institute aims to conduct research on curriculum development in K-12 settings, International education policy, educational networking, International future education, Online education research, educational research, and school establishment
- Special Education: The Institute aims to conduct research on mind, brain, and education related to the gifted programs
- English Language: The Institute aims to provide educational opportunities to individuals to gain skills in communicating in English in their areas of research interest. Specifically, it focuses more on the second language acquisition including syntax analysis
- Korean Language and Culture: The Institute aims to provide the local community and non-Korean researchers with opportunities to gain cultural knowledge, Korean language, and experiences necessary to communicate in a Korean environment.

The Institute aims to give educational opportunities to those who work in the public administration sector. Not only domestic public workers could join this research program but also international public workers. Our possible research areas include Public Policy Administration, International Relations, and Election & Campaign Management. The specific topics include writing a campaign plan, developing a winning campaign strategy, targeting and identifying voters, managing grassroots outreach & raising funds, promoting strategic communications for local government and communities.

International Complementary / Medicine Natural Healing Research / Health / Skin Health, etc.

The Institute conducts research and provides consulting service in order to cultivate ongoing business opportunities. Ventures and established firms would be supported with business-related education. In addition, the Institute makes every effort to prepare the business venue for the international stakeholders in the areas of International retailing business, construction projects, and asset management.

It has been operating in conjunction with Institute of Advanced Engineering (IAE), which is one of the best centers specializing in combustion processes and environmental controls. The Institute includes technical planning of the Korean standardized nuclear power plants, which have been highly recognized as the best nuclear power plants. Also, the Institute aims to conduct various research on Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and management of Electric Power facilities, and Transmission and Distribution.


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