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The Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership program is designed to help students to be equipped with a higher level of teaching and research capabilities in leadership. This program provides more advanced leadership training in the fields of ministry, adult and brain & gifted education, politics and business. Furthermore this program enables students to apply their scholastic knowledge in their educational, governmental, business, and pastoral organizations.


Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding and integration of leadership in relation to the pastoral, educational, and entrepreneurial disciplines.
  • Articulate leadership theories and demonstrate proficiency in teaching and research.
  • Refine their thinking about strategies for effective leadership.
  • Reflect on the essential leadership in ministry, education, and business contexts.


  • Application form for admission
  • $100.00 non-refundable application fee
  • A brief autobiographical statement
  • Applicant Qualifications :
      1) Master's degree holder (Every major)
      2) The completed course with grade C+ below would not be counted as credit hours.
      3) GPA should be above 3.5
  • Admission Procedures :
      Admission procedures consist of application screening, entrance exam, and interview.
      1) Applicants should pass application screening before taking entrance tests. Application includes applicant's essay, recommendation letters, and transcripts.
      2) The test areas are essay and English (reading).
      3) Program faculities will interview applicants who take tests.
      4) Application screening, written essay test, English test and interview respectively take up 100 points (Total 400 points). Admission would be given to the applicants who scored 320 points above.
      5) Faculty committee will make all admission decisions.
  • Two recent photographs (for student ID)


  • The Doctoral Program is designed to be completed within five academic years. A maximum of seven years may be granted upon appeal to the Academic Dean.
  • The student must successfully complete a prescribed course of study with a minimum of 3.00 (B) grade point average on a 4.00 scale.
  • The awarding of a “C” in a doctoral course constitutes a failure (unsuccessful completion of the course).
  • The student must pass a qualifying examination.
  • The student must successfully complete a dissertation and pass the oral defense.
  • Prior to graduation the student must meet all financial obligations to the institution.
  • All candidates for graduation must complete a non-credit course, Introduction to Christianity. It will be waived for the students who have taken any biblical courses.


Core Leadership Courses

12 Credit Hours(Select 3 courses)

LE 801 General Theories on Leadership * 4
LE 803 Essential Traits of Leadership 4
LE 804 Vision and Goal-setting in Leadership 4
LE 813 The Leader as Agent and Guide 4
LE 814 Communication and Decision Making 4
LE 815 Global Dimensions of Leadership Today and in the Future 4
LE 816 The Human Focus of Leadership 4
LE 817 Global Futures and System Dynamics 4
LE 818 Mentored Leadership Internship 4
LE 845 Introduction to Innovation Leadership 4
DS 820 Introduction to International Relations 4
* required

Emphasis Courses

20 Credit Hours(Select 5 courses)

Entrepreneurial Leadership
LE 805 Global Leadership in Management 4
LE 810 Global Strategic Leadership 4
LE 816 The Human Focus of Leadership 4
LE 840 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Innovational Change 4
LE 842 Strategic Thinking and Organizational Change 4
LE 843 Organizational Performance and Process Evaluation 4
NC 812 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation 4
International Aviation Management & Leadership
LE 871 Aircraft Accident Investigation 4
LE 872 Safety Management System 4
LE 873 Human Factor in Aviation Safety 4
LE 874 Crew Resource Management and Leadership 4
LE 875 Aviation Safety Law 4
LE 876 Aviation Security Advanced 4
LE 877 Aviation Missionary Leadership 4
Management Innovation Strategy
MO 801 Strategic Management 4
MO 802 Creative Problem Solving Methodology 4
MO 803 seminar on Technology Commercialization 4
MO 804 Project Management Seminar 4
MO 805 Technical Valuation and Financial Analysts 4
MO 806 Technical Corporate Finance Seminar 4
MO 807 Strategy Seminar 4
Organizational Ministry / Mission Leadership
LE 812 Spiritual Leadership 4
LE 819 Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership 4
LE 830 Motivations, Teams, Coaching, and Mentoring 4
LE 831 Worldview / Special Seminar 4
LE 832 Study of Global Organization 4
LE 833 Transformational Leadership 4
LE 834 Public Organization Theory & Design 4
Political Leadership
LE 816 The Human Focus of Leadership 4
LE 821 Political Philosophy and Ethic 4
LE 822 Comparative Politics 4
LE 823 Policy and Governance 4
LE 824 International Relations 4
LE 825 Profession of Political Science 4
NC 815 Public Conflict and Negotiation 4

Free Electives

8 Credit Hours

Research Methods

8 Credit Hours

RS 861 Research Design 2
RS 862 Quantitative Research Methods 3
RS 863 Qualitative Research Methods 3

Capstone Course

3 Credit Hours

CP 890 Capstone 3


9 Credit Hours

RS 807 Dissertation 9


60 Credit Hours


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