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Endowed Chair Professors

    Dr. Tong-Sun Park

    B.A in International Relations, School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University

    Doctor Honoris Causa in International Law, University of Pai Chai, South Korea

    Honorary Professor University of Sooin, People’s Republic of China

    Doctor Honoris Causa in international Relations, University of Inje, South Korea

    Founding member of the Historic Georgetown Club, Washington, D.C.

    Honorary Consul of Spain in the Republic of Korea

    President, Institute of Labor Studies, University of Korea

    President, Korean Federation of Ice Speed Skating and Ice Artistic Skating

    Mission Chief of the Korean Delegation of athletes participating to the 1976 Winter Olympics, Innsbruck, Austria

    Council President, Education Foundation Soonguei

    Chairman, Korean Federation of Tea Masters Society

    President, Republic of Korea Orchid Society

    Special Advisor, UN Council celebrating the 50th year foundation of the UN

    Personal advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations

    Advisor, international institute of Tea and Culture of the People’s Republic of China

    Honorary Ambassador, Delphic International Council

    President, Korean Association of Diabetics

    President of Blue Mountain Forum

    Dr. Chung, Kun-mo

    Gyeonggi High School Completed one Year

    Graduated from Seoul National University, Department of Physics

    Completed master's course at Seoul National University

    Doctor of Science, Michigan State University

    Princeton University Post-Doc course

    Doctor of Honor Engineering, Michigan State University

    Honorary Doctor of Engineering at Polytechnic University, USA

    Honorary Doctor of Global Leadership at Midwest University, USA

    Former President of IAEA

    Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology

    President of HoSeo Univ., MyongJi Univ.

    Executive Adviser of Kepco

    International Executive Adviser of Global Leadership Institute / Forum

    Dr. William J. Federer

    B.A., St. Louis University Business Administration

    Honorary Doctor of Leadership, Midwest University

    President of IEC(International Education Cooperation)

    Advisory Director of Eagle Forum

    American Christian Best-selling Author

    CEO of America Minutes

    Dr. Deborah Fikes

    B.A., A&M University. TX

    M.A., University of Texas

    Doctoral Degree International Human Rights Law Oxford University in United Kingdom

    Honorary Doctor of Leadership from Midwest University

    Executive Advisor of WEA

    Executive Director of WEA UN

    Lifetime Menber of Council on Foreign Relations

    Advisor to Harvard Center for Health and Global Environment

    GLI Women's Global Leadership Institude / Forum President

    Dr. Un-Shil Choi

    B.A., Ewha Woman’s University, (Major: Education, Minor: English Education), 1978

    M.A., Ewha Woman’s University, Graduate School of Education (Sociology of Education Major), 1981

    Ph.D., Ewha Woman’s University, Graduate School (Lifelong Education Major), 1986

    2021~present Emeritus Professor, Ajou University, Republic of Korea

    2020~present Chaired Professor, Seowon University, Republic of Korea

    2023~present Chairperson & President, The Future Planet Foundation

    2022~present Chairperson, KCEF (Korean Community Education Foundation)

    2020-present Chairperson, UNESCO EAC Learning City Expert Advisory Committee

    2020~2022 Vice-chair, UIL(UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning)

    2015~present Chair, Korea Foundation for Lifelong Education

    2015~present CEO, Representative Publisher, Internet Newspaper 'Lifelong Learning Times'

    2010~2014 The 2nd President, NILE(Korean National Institute for Lifelong Education)

    2010 Inductees of the IACE Hall of Fame, USA, Class 2010

    2010~present International Advisor, OEI(Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture)

    2010~present Editorial member of IRE(UNESCO Journal of Lifelong learning)

    2006-present Member of ASEM Education and Research Hub-Lifelong Learning Network

    2004-2010 International Jury for UNESCO Literacy Prize

    1985 Research Fellow, University of Missouri Columbia

    Dr. Bruce Johnson

    Undergraduate Requirements, Bethel University, 1971

    B.A., University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communicatons, 1973

    Institute of Biblical Studies, International School of Theology, 1975

    Honorary Degree, Doctor of Leadership, Midwest University, 2018

    Director of Here's Life Resource Center

    Director of Marketing to Campus Crusade Staff

    Media/creative Projects Coordinator for Dr. Bill Bright, President, Campus Crusade

    Director of Creative Studios

    Founder and President of Next Level Leadership

    Interim President of Missionary Athletes International

    Vice President Field Ministries of Asian Access

    Interim President of Asian Access

    Presedent of SIM USA

    Dr. Jose Luis Lecaros Cornejo

    President of the Supreme Court of Peru

    B.A., Catholic University graduated as a lawyer, 1975

    M.A., Criminal Law at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University

    Multiple law courses and diplomas both in Peru and in Spain (Carlos III University) in Italy (Bologna University), 1975

    In 1986, appointed Provincial Criminal Prosecutor of the referred Prosecutor

    In 2007, Appointed by the National Council of the Magistracy, Supreme Vocal

    Holder, having served until 2013 in the criminal area, for several years presiding

    over the transitional Criminal Chamber

    In 2013, elected member of the Executive Council of the Judiciary, being reelected, in 2015 for a new period

    In 2017, retured to the criminal area as President of the First Transitional Criminal Chamber

    In 2018, elected by the Plenary Chamber of the Supreme Court as its President, for the perioed 2019-2020

    Doctorates Honoris Causa by several national universities

    Member of the World Parliament; Honorary Member of the European Confederation

    of the Magistracy, Member of the Basque Institute of Criminal Law

    received various awards and decorations at the National and International level

    In 2019, Honoris Director of Leadership in Midwest University

    Dr. June-Ho Jang

    B.A., Myongji University, 1985

    M.E., Yonsei University, 1988

    M.E., Tokyo University, Japan , 1990

    Ph.D., Tokyo University, Japan , 1993

    2003.1~2004.2: MIT Department of Urban Planning (Professor of Research)

    2009.12~2010.8: Department of Urban Planning (UCL) at the University of London

    (UCL) (Professor of Guest)

    2019.3~2020.2: Department of Urban Environmental Studies, Beijing University,

    China (Professor of Invitation)

    1995.3~:Professor of Urban Information Engineering at Anyang University/ The dean

    of academic affairs/ Acting university president Korean Planning Association a life


    The City Planning Institute of Japan a life member

    Architectural Institute of Korea a life member

    Urban design institute of Koreaa life member

    Korean regional science association a life member

    The korean urban geographical society a life member

    Korean association for housing policy studies a life member

    Dr. JongYoul Yoo

    B.A., Seoul National University, 1968

    M.A., New York University, 1970

    Ph.D., New York University, Japan , 1973

    1978~1980: Professor for National Policy Evaluation, Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Korea

    1980~1981: Strategic Consultant to President R. Reagan of the USA

    1984~1985: Counsellor, Unification Policy Council,the Board of Unificatio, Republic of Korea

    1984~1987: Counsellorfor Educational Policy, the Governmental Committee for Social Purification

    1988~1989: Coordinator of the Public Policies of the Presidential Office and of the Ruling Political Party (Minjeongdang)

    1989~1991: Director, Office of Ideological Studies, the Minjadang, the Ruling Political Party

    1989~1993: President, the Movement for Reconstruction of Social Ethics

    1995~1996: Lecturer on Unification Policies of North and South Korea, the Korea Freedom League

    2009~2010: Chairman, The Hanaro Newspaper in Gyonggi Province, Korea

    2017~Present: President, the Movement for the Development of Korea into the Faith Power of the World

    2017~Present: President, the National Movement to Strengthen the Korean-American Alliance

    2017~Present: President, the Movements to Nullify the IllegalImpeachment of President Park and to Prevent Communication of the Republic of Korea

    2017~Present: Co-President of the Korean Association of the Research Institutes for National Security and Unification

    Dr. Kim, Chun Gon

    B.A., Kyungnam University, 1993

    M.B.A., Dankuk University, 2003

    D.B.A., Gachon University, 2008

    D.S., Kyunghee University, 2018

    Head Professor in Graduate School of Business Administration, Dankook University

    President/Chief Director of International Children Youth Culture and Art Association

    Guest Professor in St. Petersburg State University, Russia

    Member of Deliberation Committee in Central Election Poll

    Member of Personal Information Protection Committee Belonging to the President (Vice-Minister Class)

    Honorary Professor of University Kyrgyz Economic in Kyrgyzstan

    Mongolia Global Leadership University Korea President


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