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Endowed Chair Professors

    Dr. Chung, Kun-mo

       ▶Gyeonggi High School Completed one Year

       ▶Graduated from Seoul National University, Department of Physics

       ▶Completed master's course at Seoul National University

       ▶Doctor of Science, Michigan State University

       ▶Princeton University Post-Doc course

       ▶Doctor of Honor Engineering, Michigan State University

       ▶Honorary Doctor of Engineering at Polytechnic University, USA

       ▶Honorary Doctor of Global Leadership at Midwest University, USA

       ▷Former President of IAEA

       ▷Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology

       ▷President of HoSeo Univ., MyongJi Univ.

       ▷Executive Adviser of Kepco

       ▷International Executive Adviser of Global Leadership Institute / Forum

    Dr. William J. Federer

       ▶B.A., St. Louis University Business Administration

       ▶Honorary Doctor of Leadership, Midwest University

       ▷President of IEC(International Education Cooperation)

       ▷Advisory Director of Eagle Forum

       ▷American Christian Best-selling Author

       ▷CEO of America Minutes

    Dr. Deborah Fikes

       ▶B.A., A&M University. TX

       ▶M.A., University of Texas

       ▶Doctoral Degree International Human Rights Law Oxford University
                    in United Kingdom

       ▶Honorary Doctor of Leadership from Midwest University

       ▷Executive Advisor of WEA

       ▷Executive Director of WEA UN

       ▷Lifetime Menber of Council on Foreign Relations

       ▷Advisor to Harvard Center for Health and Global Environment

       ▷GLI Women's Global Leadership Institude / Forum President

    Dr. Kim, Chun Gon

       ▶B.A., Kyungnam University, 1993

       ▶M.B.A., Dankuk University, 2003

       ▶D.B.A., Gachon University, 2008

       ▶D.S., Kyunghee University, 2018

       ▷Head Professor in Graduate School of Business Administration, Dankook University

       ▷President/Chief Director of International Children Youth Culture and Art Association

       ▷Guest Professor in St. Petersburg State University, Russia

       ▷Member of Deliberation Committee in Central Election Poll

       ▷Member of Personal Information Protection Committee Belonging to the President
                    (Vice-Minister Class)

       ▷Honorary Professor of University Kyrgyz Economic in Kyrgyzstan

       ▷Mongolia Global Leadership University Korea President

    Dr. Bruce Johnson

       ▶Undergraduate Requirements, Bethel University, 1971

       ▶B.A., University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communicatons, 1973

       ▶Institute of Biblical Studies, International School of Theology, 1975

       ▶Honorary Degree, Doctor of Leadership, Midwest University, 2018

       ▷Director of Here's Life Resource Center

       ▷Director of Marketing to Campus Crusade Staff

       ▷Media/creative Projects Coordinator for Dr. Bill Bright, President, Campus Crusade

       ▷Director of Creative Studios

       ▷Founder and President of Next Level Leadership

       ▷Interim President of Missionary Athletes International

       ▷Vice President Field Ministries of Asian Access

       ▷Interim President of Asian Access

       ▷Presedent of SIM USA

    Dr. Jose Luis Lecaros Cornejo

       ▶President of the Supreme Court of Peru

       ▶B.A., Catholic University graduated as a lawyer, 1975

       ▶M.A., Criminal Law at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University

       ▶Multiple law courses and diplomas both in Peru and in Spain (Carlos III University)
                    in Italy (Bologna University), 1975

       ▷In 1986, appointed Provincial Criminal Prosecutor of the referred Prosecutor

       ▷In 2007, Appointed by the National Council of the Magistracy, Supreme Vocal
                 Holder, having served until 2013 in the criminal area, for several years presiding over
                    the transitional Criminal Chamber

       ▷In 2013, elected member of the Executive Council of the Judiciary, being reelected,
                    in 2015 for a new period

       ▷In 2017, retured to the criminal area as President of the First Transitional
                    Criminal Chamber

       ▷In 2018, elected by the Plenary Chamber of the Supreme Court as its President,
                    for the perioed 2019-2020

       ▷Doctorates Honoris Causa by several national universities

       ▷Member of the World Parliament; Honorary Member of the European Confederation
                   of the Magistracy, Member of the Basque Institute of Criminal Law

       ▷received various awards and decorations at the National and International level

       ▷In 2019, Honoris Director of Leadership in Midwest University

    Dr. June-Ho Jang

       ▶B.A., Myongji University, 1985

       ▶M.E., Yonsei University, 1988

       ▶M.E., Tokyo University, Japan , 1990

       ▶Ph.D., Tokyo University, Japan , 1993

       ▷2003.1~2004.2: MIT Department of Urban Planning (Professor of Research)

       ▷ 2009.12~2010.8: Department of Urban Planning (UCL) at the University of London

         (UCL) (Professor of Guest)

       ▷ 2019.3~2020.2: Department of Urban Environmental Studies, Beijing University,

         China (Professor of Invitation)

       ▷ 1995.3~:Professor of Urban Information Engineering at Anyang University/ The dean

         of academic affairs/ Acting university president Korean Planning Association a life


       ▷The City Planning Institute of Japan a life member

       ▷ Architectural Institute of Korea a life member

       ▷Urban design institute of Koreaa life member

       ▷Korean regional science association a life member

       ▷ The korean urban geographical society a life member

       ▷Korean association for housing policy studies a life member


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