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[Language: English / Field: Church Music]
Since our first magazine issue was published in 1978, CREATOR has had a commitment to provide information that enables the values and processes of excellence, community, and continuing education to leaders in music and worship ministries from all perspectives, with an emphasis upon leadership development.

Evangelical Missions Quarterly

[Language: English / Field: Mission]
For nearly half a century, Evangelical Missions Quarterly(EMQ) has served the missionary community worldwide by providing relevant, engaging, thoughtful articles on a vast array of ministry foci-leadership, translation, contextualization, business as mission, member care, length of service, biblical applications, etc. EMQ continues to remain one of the top journals for missiologists, and is for many thought-practitioners, the premier journal for the North American mission community.

Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society

[Language: English / Field: Grace (Theology)]
The Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society contains more in-depth articles. It is must reading for those who wish to stay abreast of current studies regarding the Gospel and assurance.


[Language: English / Field: Leadership]
Leadership Journal hear stories of struggle and transformation as we navigate both the difficulties and joys of doing ministry in the real world.


[Language: English / Field: Missions]
As one of the premier scholarly journals of mission studies, Missiology is distinctively multi-disciplinary - covering history, theology, anthropology, communication theory, religious encounter, ecumenics, methodology. It is interconfessional - publishing works from Roman Catholic, conciliar, and conservative evangelical spheres. It is also practical - providing not just theoretical reflection, but applied mission science.

New Testament Studies

[Language: English / Field: Bible]
New Testament Studies is an international peer-reviewed periodical whose contributors comprise the leading New Testament scholars writing in the world today. The journal publishes original articles and short studies in English, French and German on a wide range of issues pertaining to the origins, history and theology of the New Testament and early Christianity. All contributions represent research at the cutting edge of the discipline which has developed a wide range of methods in recent years. The periodical embraces exegetical, historical, literary-critical, sociological, theological and other approaches to the New Testament, including studies in its history of interpretation and effects.

Worship Leader

[Language: English / Field: Church Music]
Worship Leader is a publication focusing on both Christianity and Contemporary worship music. Articles include news, reviews, worship conference information, devotionals and interviews.

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