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Doctoral Degree Program

The Doctor of Leadership degree empowers students with the skills needed to bring about higher performance levels within their organization as they learn about the dynamics of promoting effective leadership development, interpersonal relationships, and group and organizational dynamics.

The Doctor of Ministry degree is a professional degree which is designed for those engaged in pastoral ministries or other areas of Christian service. The doctoral curriculum provides students with an opportunity to select one of the four suggested vocational emphasis.

The Doctor of Musical Arts is to equip students with superior academic excellence emphasizing intensive musical techniques and research in music literatures in their applied area, and also train students to make positive global impact as dynamic music leaders by advancing their performance techniques and profound musical knowledge preparing artists for careers in higher education.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology is designed to prepare students for leadership roles of the field in the areas of advanced clinical counseling practice, advanced research and supervision. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy allows students to pursue Marriage and Family Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, and Life Design Counseling and Coaching. Additionally, the degree will be awarded upon the student's demonstration of a broad understanding of certain fields of knowledge, ability to conduct independent research, and ability to organize research into an acceptable dissertation that will represent a contribution to a field of study.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership program is designed to help students to be equipped with a higher level of teaching and research capabilities in leadership. This program provides more advanced leadership training in the fields of ministry, adult and brain & gifted education, politics, and business. Furthermore, this program enables students to apply their scholastic knowledge in their educational, governmental, business, and pastoral organizations.


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